Glen Affric Duathlon Course Details

Race Format

Once again we have opted for a leisurely start time of 11:00 to allow time for any early morning mist to be burnt away by the midday sun.

Run 1 – 7.5 mile hill run on hill track, bog, over stream & river, climbing to 1500ft.

Cycle – 18 miles fully looped for Mountain Bikes or Cyclo Cross bikes only. Undulating. 1st 5miles on tarmac, then on wide forestry roads. Solid and rough.

Run 2 – 2.5 miles – road and X-country alongside river Affric. Flat, twisty & lumpy

The Course - Detail

Run One: 7.5 miles

This is uphill, not particularly steep, but steady. After 2 or more miles it gets wet, very boggy and slippery. There are a few minor streams to cross then a river. Take great CARE, and go SLOW crossing streams.

This is advertised as a rough run, so don’t expect sympathy from the terrain. Kintail mountain rescue will be at the river crossing to help you cross. After the river you are back on good hill track. You WILL get wet feet, and if in spate, the river current will be quite strong (if exceptional we will be forced to change to out and back at last minute).

Mind your footing, cross slowly and use the rope to hold on. Be prepared for bad weather, in which case hat, gloves and rainproof top is recommended for first run.

Cycle: 18 miles

NOT suitable for road bikes. It is a fully looped course, but to get this the first 5 miles have to be on tarmac. On the tarmac, please be very wary of oncoming vehicles, as this road is open to public traffic, and is twisty!.

For your safety, you MUST KEEP LEFT at all times and MUST obey normal highway rules. After the tarmac, you will be directed onto the forestry tracks. These are wide but rough, and possibly muddy. It is not a technical cycle but undulating.

There will be marshals on this route to warn you of potential hazards such as walkers. However, please don’t rely on the marshals and be aware of such hazards, especially on bends.Click on the map for larger image.

Run Two: 2.5 miles

This is flatish and dry. Again, please KEEP LEFT. The 1km section alongside the river is narrow and twisty. DO NOT run in cycle cleats, as occasionally you will be turning on rock slabs by the river.

Take care when overtaking on this section. Overtaking is best done on the road before and after. Again, beware walkers.