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Very pleased that we have received sponsorship from William Gray Construction Ltd and Green Highland Renewables Ltd.  With a restricted number of entrants we cannot hope to meet the costs involved of staging this type of event in a remote location through reasonable entry fees alone.  We therefore really appreciate the financial help that these organisations give us.

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Enter Now For 2016

Entry forms are now available on the website for next year’s event.  You can get the form here.  We have sent out a mailshot to all those who pre-registered over the past few months and also those who took part in the 2015 event – apologies if you received more than one email but we have two separate lists on the go at the moment.

Not much in the way of changes for 2016, the course will be the same – let’s hope the weather is a bit kinder to us in the run up to the event and there’s not so much in the way of fallen trees etc. needing cleared just prior to the race.  Hopefully the Dog Falls bridge will still be with us!

One minor change is that we are offering event T-shirts (s/m/l/xl )for only £10 this time – they do help with the running costs of the duathlon if you can see your way to ordering one  (or for all the family) it would be much appreciated.


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Cash for Kids

Received the letter below from Lyndsay at MFR Cah for Kids. Despite the very high cost of staging the duathlone we were pleased to be able to make a donation to a very worthwhile charity. Hopefully we can do better in 2016!

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Roll of Honour

“Resurrecting the Glen Affric Duathlon on Saturday was a big challenge for us. It is something I started in 2004 when I was a bit younger and fresher faced, and quicker of mind. I just selected a date, advertised it and then set about organising it. It soon became apparent that it was going to be infinitely more work than I had originally thought, and that aspect never changed over the next 6 years, but throughout I always had good support from the local community when it came to marshalling and helping. That is always the main concern, as events such as these are nothing if all you have when you arrive is one bloke with a horn.
So 6 years on and this year was no different. OK we had a bit of snow, but still the marshals were there, smiling and clapping (this is an annual thing for some….the smiling and clapping!). So the list of volunteers and marshals I must thank, with massive relief that I know them, are:-
Jim McAuley (my co-organiser and main man for bum kicking me into life for the event)
Charlie Hall (my other co-organiser, co transition builder and nightwatchman, who went on to take part in the event, then helped clear away for 2 days)
Liz McAuley (my fourth co-organiser and the one to keep Jim in check)
Jim Price – reliable as ever at Chisholm Bridge
Alistair Mann – a long day stuck in the end car park, uncomplaining
John Strachan – another long day, reliably marshalling first and last run
Callum Graham – first run and transition
Elaine McKay – up on holiday for the weekend, and volunteers for marshalling on first run and transition
Colin McKay – transition and the same surname as Elaine is no coincidence
Kate McKinley – Struggles to get out of bed normally (only referring to the morning), but made it for registration and first run
Harry Martin – fantastic to see Harry in transition and finish line timekeeping – thank you
Rhuraidh Strachan – first run and a cool customer
Penri Jones – first run and another cool customer
Ross Balharry – On a personal level, a difficult week for Ross, but reliable as ever – many thanks
Stuart Templeton – a man of the world who isn’t shy of a snowy windswept Scottish hillside
Chris Brown – first run, daft as a brush, but deceptively knows what he is doing
John Dyce – first run, big and ugly, but despite that, always maintains a cheery and reliable disposition
Ewan – right at the top of the hill, you need the most positive of marshals up there
Alex – Half way down the hill, but lives on a hill anyway, so it came natural
Craig – also half way down the hill, and lives on the same hill as Alex, but not with him
David Balharry – fellow shinty coach and positive man. Always reliable, particularly after a very sad week – thank you very much David
Roni Smith – registration guru and time-keeper
Morgan Redpath – also at registration and time-keeper
Kay Graham – another one who took to registration as if it was meant to be, then a huge help in transition
Mattie Jones – A great stint at registration and finish
Ian Mure – marshalled every year since 2004, and encouraged us to do it in the first place back then
Eddie Eldrett – cycle marshal and is always there for you
Hugh Kelly – former duathlon competitor, doing Etape the next day, so marshalling on cycle – that’s a big effort
George Simpson – car parking and cycle marshalling – big help as always
Fay Jones – cycle marshalling – another big help
Vivian Jones – My Mum – what more can I say, did well on the Walkie-Talkie
Glyn Jones – My Dad – did well to hold the Walkie-Talkie the right way up
Pierre Lebrun – the local Frenchman who has marshalled for me every year
Gordon Watson – also former competitor and doing the Etape the next day – much appreciated
Liz Balharry – reliable comms on the hill above Loch Benevean
Rory Robinson –another former duathlon finisher and doing the Etape the next day – thanks Rory
Eric Robinson – Rory’s son and one for the future
Debbie McWhirr – Marshalling for me, then doing the same at the Etape the next day – get a weekend to yourself Debbie
Robin Miller – reliable as ever, just what’s needed
Eilidh Fraser – shinty woman – many thanks for your time
Sheene MacKenzie – another very positive shinty woman – thank you
Dennis Ross – a man of few words, but all of them succinct
Lawrence Jones – Car Parking and water station – well done considering you’ve just come off the “nightshift”
Mike Bell – same as Lawrence – they don’t work together but co-incidentally also just come off the “nightshift”
Joni Strachan – A full day out of marshalling for the Strachan family – much much appreciated
Donald “Carrie” Fraser – help putting up and taking down marquees – we needed your help for this
Andrew Fraser – immense help also with marquees
Jens Mum – having someone like this to secure food for the goody bags has been immense – thank you
Ross Knowles – A man who’s natural practicality was never in doubt when it came to marquee building
Brian Stokes – a big man, with a bigger beard and even bigger heart. Did the sweep on the cycle
Jane Stokes and Sheila Gibson for the catering wagon. May this be the start of a successful venture for you.

And also to Ace surfacing, Cannich for loaning a trailer, generator and space heater
And to Kintail Mountain rescue for providing a rope crossing, which everyone would have been forced to use if the river had been in spate
And to the Red Cross volunteers for being there
And to Paul McGreal of “Durty Events” for the reliable timekeeping system
And to Steve Scanlain for providing comms – excellent
And lastly but crucially, I absolutely must thank our sponsors. We are not a profit making business, and we are all volunteers, but we have always struggled over the years to break even with the event. This year we would have made a massive loss if it wasn’t for the very generous financial support from ABO Wind, which immediately secured the event financially. Not only did they supply money, but also the marshal caps and goody bags, and advertising. As organisers it was such a load off our massive minds. And thank you to Brian from ABO for being there on the day and presenting the prizes.

We must also acknowledge the very generous financial support from HIS, Fionnar water and Tomich Holidays – such contributions mean such a lot to us.

And finally thank you to the competitors. It is a fairly tough course I think, but you seemed to enjoy it, smile and obey the race rules, especially the one that suggested you weren’t allowed to complain…..I got no complaints!

Lets hope we see you next year,


Matt Jones
Glen Affric Duathlon”

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Duathlon Bike Route Back On Track

Great to see the repairs to the bridge at Dog Falls completed – a key part of the duathlon bike stage.  Let’s hope no more severe weather!


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