Glen Affric Duathlon News

Thank You All!

The 8th Glen Affric Duathlon over for another year. Provisional date for next year 6th May. Jim and I are not very good at coming out of our shells to advertise it, but if you have an inclination that you are pretty fit, then try this to see how fit you REALLY are!

So well done to all competitors. If you had thought you had never really fully earned a plastic medal and a banana before, then you definitely did on Saturday. This is a community event I started years ago, no money in it for anyone as it is so remote and costly, so all completely voluntary. I absolutely have to thank the following:-
Run-4-it Inverness for prize money vouchers – a great place for all running gear
William Grey Builders for sponsorship
Highland Renewables for sponsorship
Fionnar Springs for mineral water

And absolutely the marshals and helpers who gave up a lot of time to make it happen and are what make a community like ours tick. They all knew exactly what they had to do on the day, where to be and when, and just DID it:-

My main man and co-organiser Jim McAuley
Liz McAuley – Jims wife and also co-organiser
Sue Calcutt
Harry Martin
Kay Graham
Calum Graham
Donald Fraser Snr
Andrew Fraser
Jess Butler
Cam Butler
Gwennan Butler
Lawrence Jones
Mattie Jones
Penri Jones
Jim Price
Sandra Reid
Ian Campbell
Kate Morgan
Rhu Strachan
Joni Strachan
Freya Strachan
Stuart Templeton
Chris Brown
Big John Dyce
Ewan Fraser
John Strachan
Ali Mann
Ian MacKay
Debbie McWhirr
Aussie Sharon
Ray Wallace
Pierre Lebrun
Glyn Jones
Vivian Jones
George Anthony
Justin Hill and landrover
Charlie Hall
Morgan Redpath
Richard Ferguson
Ross Knowles
Steve Scanlain and comms
Howard and the 4 guys from Kintail Mountain rescue
Ian Rideout with the 5 first aiders from Outfit Moray
Paul McGreal from Durty events for the timing system
Jane and Sheila from Moveable feast

Quite a list. Thankyou!

Matt Jones
Cannich 09/05/2016

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